Four reasons to buy a pre-owned modular building

Before a build you need to consider things like, whether you get the space you need. Facilities must also be taken into account. Keep in mind amenity factors that will have an impact on the environment and your business plan too

Modular buildings are all the rage because they offer flexibility, quality and a comparatively low cost. However, some people might worry about being able to afford a new modular building and being stuck with it for a couple of decades. Pre-owned modulars are the solution for such people, as they will be relatively cheaper.

However, in reality, a properly refurbished modular building should be as good as a new one.

How we recycle a modular building

We start by finding the right pre-owned building for your needs. It’s always from our stock or someone else’s, but if we don’t have anything that suits your needs, we will always find a suitable pre-owned property to buy.

Investing in a property is a complicated decision, given the complexity of the property value, your needs and other considerations. The first part of any potential property decision should be identifying how that property will work for your project, securing it for yourself and planning for future upgrades or repairs.

Next, we need to discuss and plan the necessary changes. Together, we can decide on the scope of your final specification and the costs.

Before starting construction, we reconfirm the plan with you and make sure the requisite building permits are in place. We clear all outmoded parts of the structure, stripping everything down to its bones. Consider removing fixtures, fittings, partitions and as much as possible of the wiring and plumbing.

We do more than just removing dilapidated exterior walls, but also the flooring and the old insulation. We either remove the roof or adjust it to make sure it provides a water and airtight seal while still being energy efficient.

Once we’ve determined the structural integrity of your building, we can begin constructing it. To ensure that the project meets your specifications and gives the desired finish, we reuse any parts of it that are in good condition so as to last during the building’s use. If any elements require being built anew, we do so.

All our buildings are built to the latest standards, including thermal insulation, fire-safety and soundproofing.We replace old windows with new ones or, if the existing ones are still in good condition, we use them instead. We upgrade your plumbing, electrics and other expensive items to the latest high-efficiency standards. We’ll replace the lights, controls, water heater and heat pump so that you have low running cost.

What are the advantages of a pre-owned modular building?

What are the advantages of choosing a recycled / pre-owned building?

Choosing a pre-owned modular building can tremendously save costs, time and resources as well as reduce disruption, with the added benefit that you will be able to customize and design your floor plan. We take pride in the quality of our products.

1 – It’s even quicker than a new modular building

Standard layout buildings are usually fulfilled within two to three weeks of order. For reconfiguring and refurbishing, the additional time depends on a lot of factors, but it’s not usually a big deal. For example, we designed and transformed a 3-unit

2 – It’s remarkably cost-effective

Various factors influence the price of a modular building. However, it can cost around £800 per sqm, which is a lot cheaper than if you were to build a new modular building that would cost in excess of £1500/sqm.

3 – It’s highly sustainable and eco-friendly compared to other options

Reducing environmental impact in a circular economy

With a circular economy in mind, modular construction is becoming increasingly relevant and offers a different approach to economic growth. It relies less on resources and has a minimal impact on the environment.And by reusing a modular building for your project, you’re using even fewer virgin materials, prolonging the complete life-cycle of the structure, and reducing its environmental impact.

Reducing waste to landfill

The construction industry contributes more than a third of landfill waste, mainly because most traditional construction and demolition waste is never recycled.Modular buildings are different; it’s been shown that off-site production can reduce waste by a massive 90%2.Building construction processes in factories result in less waste. The quickly removable parts mean that you can save time and money, making the whole process cheaper.Re-using and renovating buildings is a great way to save on new materials and the expense of energy. For example, pre-owned buildings provide a significant saving in terms of synthetic production for new building elements.

Reduced CO2 emissions

We had an independent study commissioned to evaluate the carbon emissions savings achieved by re-using and refurbishing a typical 5-bay modular building when compared to the equivalent new modular building. When focusing on the unique aspects of a previously used/refurbished building, the impact it can have on CO2 emissions is much greater than for new buildings. Specifically, 42% more carbon emissions were saved overall when compared to a newly built counterpart. As you can see, the building is a net zero edifice. We calculated that this includes any potential savings from the end of its life, when significant elements can be recycled again.

Reduced embodied energy

Compared to a traditionally built building, the construction of a 10 bay modular building uses 4.9GJ/m2 of energy. In contrast, a typical traditionally constructed building generates between 5.0-15GJ/m2. By reusing a building and extending the use of the energy input from its original construction, you’re using less energy and materials than if you were to build something new.

4 – We can project manage the contract in its entirety for you

If you need a quality modular building, you can get in touch with us. We include initial planning application, CAD drawings, building control submissions, temporary roadways, groundworks and more. Some of the construction work we do includes installing refurbished buildings, constructing external ramps and steps and installing artificial grass.Our experienced team can also help you set up building finance. We offer a wide range of packages to suit your needs and income, so we are sure that you’ll find something to suit your business.


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