Microcement – What is it?

MicroCement is a coating material which can be used on any hard surface like floors, walls and also furniture, both inside your home and outside. The sleek finish can make it suitable for an advanced, minimalist design which can be easily merged with other materials like ceramic and wood and it is ideal for under-floor heating.

One of the wonderful benefits of MicroCement is that you can install it over existing finishes. It is a sophisticated, stylish option that fully reduces the dirt and also waste of conventional construction.

Such material is quite easy to maintain, as it cannot be stained in case the waterproofing and sealing process has been done properly. Nevertheless, you need to conduct routine maintenance to assure greater sturdiness and better level of its aesthetic properties.

Just cleaning the surface with neutral soap and water is enough, but when the Microcement is installed on the floor it is very important to restore the shielding layer of the material by utilizing self-polished waxes diluted in the water.

To make sure you get the thing you need, you can consult Festfloor for a selection of colors to fit almost any of your renovation projects. The selection of colors can be reference use only and you will be possible to get the perfect colors of your microcement installation. However, as the installers work with only natural materials like sand, cement, and water, these might undergo alterations in tone and color. You can contact your interior designer and they will work with you to produce an ideal color to match your designs.

Although the use of micro-cement began over years ago, nowadays its application has spread broadly all over the world. For this reason we think that Microcemento® may be the finest choice for individuals who need to perform any kind of home renovation work.


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