Domestic Energy Performance Certificate and Glazing-by EPC Belfast

The energy performance certificates (EPCs) became a legal requirement for properties for sale or to let in Belfast in 2008. This was a European Directive according to which home owners and landlords would need to supply all prospective viewers, buyers or tenants with an energy certificate and report that indicates the EPC rating of the property as well as certain recommendations for improvements. The EPC report involves a survey which takes place at the property. During the survey the Domestic Energy Assessor will record details about the structure of the building, heating system, insulation, lighting and glazing. These details then are entered in the RdSAP software to product a computer generated report.

In this article examine the impact of glazing in the Energy Performance Certificate.

Energy Efficient Glazing and its impact on the Energy Performance Certificate

EEG is improving all the time because of advances in technology and it has many benefits. Some are listed here:

  • Energy efficiency: improvements in energy efficiency will be seen especially if EEG is used in conjunction with an energy efficient heating system and loft and cavity wall insulation. Less energy will be needed to heat your home and the bills will be smaller.
  • Noise pollution: the gas within a sealed unit reduces high frequency noise giving you a more peaceful environment.
  • Thermal insulation: the gas (or air) in the sealed unit allows increased thermal resistance allowing the room inside to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Condensation reduction: condensation can cause damage to window frames so the fact that EEG helps reduce this is a great benefit.
  • Security: safety and security are enhanced because an EEG unit offers an extra layer of protection. Laminated glass will also give extra protection.
  • Saving money: if EEG plus the other recommendations listed here are taken, it will cost less to heat your property over the long term.

A good way to see what potential savings you could make, take a look at the Energy Savings Calculator created by the Glass and Glazing Federation. Choice of energy supplier, size of house and type of windows installed will all make a difference.

Your home will become more peaceful, cheaper to run and will also increase in value. The potential boost to its value is increasing because more and more people are becoming energy and environmentally conscious. A report from 1995 to 2011, by the Government, showed that increases between 14-38% could conceivably be made.

About Energy Performance Certificates in Belfast

To request a quote for an Energy Performance Certificate in Belfast search online for a local Domestic Energy Assessor. Prices of EPCs should not exceed £100 for a domestic dwelling. Commercial EPC in Belfast may be a lot more expensive and depend on the size and complexity of the building. If you are a property owner in Belfast, you will also find more information about the Energy Performance Certificates in the Northern Ireland Direct government website.



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