Things to consider Before Asking a House Painting Contractor For an Estimate

Homeowners must plan in advance to determine how much it may cost to paint the house. Home painting contractors might give different quotes according to their working arrangements. In colder areas, requesting a quote during winter, when business run slowly and many contractors are lining up projects for the spring, can help you save money. The price of painting the same house will rise during fall and summer when the painting contractors are very busy.

A bit of knowledge can reveal that painters may show up with various approaches to the same job. Understanding what those approaches can help figure out the cost of your painting project and enable you to smartly assess a house painting quote.

Before contacting a house painting company for your first quote, consider the condition of the wall surfaces of your home. Is the paint bubbling, cracking or peeling? Is there moss, mold or mildew growing on your walls? A good painting contractor will not paint the damaged surfaces. Groundwork requirements like scraping off outdated paint, caulking defects, priming raw wood, fixing cracks and gaps will certainly affect your quote.

Your house painting quote will also be determined by your selection of paint. This includes both the color and the quality of the paint you choose. Undoubtedly, the top quality materials may cost higher. Decide beforehand if you prefer a first-class job or cut-rate one. Then make sure that quotes are for the same quality paints and the similar colors.

The best painting contractors can decide whether the job require a single coat of paint, or multiple layer of coats. If you are seeking to keep the costs down, pick a paint color that is the same as the previous color. Painting white over white surfaces may require only a single coat, but painting a bright color over dark surfaces may require three coats. Because you will be spending money for each coat of paint, prepare yourself for the cost.

Last but not least, when considering this, contact two or three local painting companies, and then do a comparison of the costs they offer. The quotes can give you idea of cost and value.


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