Interior Decorators Know: Cloth Makes a House Into a Home

One of the best interior decorating tips I can give you is to look to fabrics for every nook and cranny of your house. Textiles are fabulous for interior decoration. If you go to interior decorating school, you might spend a couple of semesters studying different kinds of cloth. Some interior decorators spend their entire careers working with textiles.

Interior Decoration Magic with Fabrics

If you are looking for an interior decorating idea that is simple and inexpensive, use cloth. If you’re feeling wealthy and you want a more expensive interior decorating tip, use cloth. Woven products bring texture, color, warmth, and richness to your interior decoration schemes.

The most obvious interior decorating ideas with fabrics are the furniture upholstery and the coverings on your windows. Chairs and sofas that have passed their prime can take on a new life with some exciting and unexpected patterns and colors in fabric coverings. A dull room can come to life with a touch of wildness in the curtains.

Fabric Decoration Ideas

One of the things we learn in interior decorating school is how to combine and contrast the colors and patterns of different fabrics. A solid-color sofa really needs something shocking covering its extra cushions. A dark room can be made vibrant with outrageous drapes. Fabrics can add comfort to a room and set its mood. There are literally hundreds of different styles, textures, patterns, and colors available. Try working with opposites. For example, a soft cloth can be paired with something rough and coarse for a good interior decorating effect. Textiles provide interior decorating ideas for every room in your house. The very best interior decorating tip is this: Experiment and be bold!


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