SZTROKIA – Swirling DeLight Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Diffusers are the recommended solution to enjoy the benefits associated with essential oils by inhalation. A diffuser fragrances the air and is good for scenting a room to boost mood, help in respiration, or even prevent odors or airborne bacteria.

I choose Sztrokia Essential Oil Diffuser because this diffuser not only offer the perfect aromatherapy for healing but also come with aesthetic design abd easy to use. And here are the features of Mystical swirl essential oil diffuser offered by SZTROKIA .

And here are the features of Mystical swirl essential oil diffuser offered by SZTROKIA.

Exquisite vase outlook with 24 color changing will highlight your household decoration. It is a new model of the combination of electrical and decorative functions. It truly shows off the high-quality design with its unique art effect. Brighten your mood, relax and relieve stress.


Upgraded version is made of metal base which is more durable and strong. This upgraded version also outputs more mist than the old version. It functions as a humidifier, atomizer, and aroma diffuser in one simple-to-use versatile product.


This diffuser holds up to 300 ml which provide long working time and 3 Mist Modes: strong mode runs 9 hours, light mode runs 12 hours and intermittent mode runs 15 hours. This prolonged running time helps you reap the benefits of essential oil thoroughly.



No burning or heating, no damage to essential oils, built-in overheating protection. Ultrasonic diffusing ensures the integrity of the essential oil molecular structure and allows for healthy bodily absorption, reduce stress, purify air from germs & allergens, improve room environment, sleep quality & more!


It features a safe auto-off when the water runs out.You don’t have to worry about anything–just relax and enjoy.Perfect to place it in your home, home office, bedroom or kid’s room, or you can also use it for more business-oriented applications such as in a yoga studio, spa, or hotel front desk area.

I found this diffuser in Amazon or you can visit this link at  . You will be satisfied with the diffuser offered by SZTROKIA as this diffuser come with a lot of features that combine technology, health and art.



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