Motorized Window Shades – The Comfort and Convenience

Motorized window shades are battery-powered window shades which are widely known for their durability and low power consumption. They are also cheap and quite practical. These window shades are usually installed in some areas in a house such as bedroom. Other than that, they are also installed in home theaters to protect against light from outside. Using motorized window shades in a house is much more comfortable when compared to manual window shades.

Apart from comfort and convenience, security can be another reason homeowners tend to choose motorized window shades. These shades can be adjusted to go up and down at predetermined timings to make a house look occupied. Sensors can make the window shades to open when motion is detected outside.

You can also use window shades to protect furniture and pieces of art from fading caused by over-exposure to direct sunlight. In these cases motorized window shades are activated by light sensors to shut automatically. The semi-transparent window shades that allow only a portion of the light are very helpful for brightness control, room darkening and also masking the room from extreme sunlight.

These window shades can also be installed in bathroom purposely for unreachable windows over bathtubs. Also they are very helpful for preventing the entry of sunlight from skylights. On hot days, these window shades can cool the room. Such shades are designed to filter cold or warm air, thus offering insulation for your house.

Most motorized shades in Denver are low-energy consuming as they are able to control the temperature by opening and closing automatically when needed. About 20% of utility cost can be saved only by using motorized window shades.

Remote control, computers, wall switches, Smartphone, or even home control systems can also be used control these window shades. Such shades have a motor in the head rails of the shades that can be controlled by sensor or even manually. The remote control usually works by using infrared or even radio frequency.


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