The importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Most clothes dryer problems usually come from a dryer vent. This vent helps the dryer to carry the heat which is used to dry the clothes to the outside of your house. If your lint trap is not thoroughly cleaned, or it is unable to stop lint, lint as well as other debris will find its way into the vent and get clogged. Determined by the age of a dryer vent is and the amount of twists and turns it needs to make to reach the outdoors , large amount of lint will become accumulated in the vent . As the debris in your vent is really combustible, fires may start inside the vent, and will possibly result in fire damage in the house and put all your family in danger. This is a benefit to getting your vent cleaned on a normal schedule; ideally, once a year.

Another advantage of a dryer vent cleaning is the energy efficiency. A vent which is clogged will add around $18 to $24 per month to the utility bill. For most homeowners, the dryer might be the most costly appliance to run, and a clogged vent may add more to that cost. In order to save more money in your wallet and stop wasting so much to give it away to the electric company, dryer vent cleaning is highly important.

When the vent of the dryer is full of debris, it is not surprising for the clothes to take 2 or 3 cycles to dry rather than one. When you take the clothes out of the washing machine and have them dried in less than one hour, it is not likely going to happen if your dryer vent is getting clogged and need more cleaning. By contacting a dryer vent cleaning service, you will be able to fix these problems and have the dryer working normally just as before. You may also employ the service of such a company to perform protective action against the accumulation of dryer lint.

If you might be comfortable and looking to buy the proper tools, it is possible to clean the dryer vents on your own. There are tools at hardware or even home improvement and these tools made specifically for dryer vent cleaning. When cleaning your dryer vent on your own, you will need a horizontal or circular brush. You can ask an expert to help you find the right tool to clean your clogged dryer vent.

I highly recommend hiring a Dryer vent cleaning service at if you don’t have any experiences to clean it. Keep the advantages in mind and try to employ their quality service in cleaning your dryer vent.

If you really want to prevent fire hazards then it is best for you to take all the preventive measures from before. The precautions would make your dryer vent complete safe and secure. Use these tips for fire damage prevention in your house which can be effective to keep your family safety.


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