A few things you must know before hiring an Interior Designer in Bangkok

Finding a good interior designer in Bangkok is really important before starting your home interior decoration, you can find from the list of certified, registered, and qualified designers in Bangkok. After you choose the designer, discuss your budget and needs for the interiors and make the contract on the project’s professional fees and time schedule.

Before starting the designing of your interior, the interior designer need to perform a few talks with the homeowners to identify the type of design the homeowner wants. This series of talks with the designer and homeowner probably result into a mutual agreement regarding the requirements and it also helps to know the expectation and wish of the homeowner just for his interior design.

The next step is the design to present to the homeowner in the form of hard copy or a soft copy. The best interior designer Bangkok usually will give a proposal that may include sketches, 2-dimensional drawings, and colored elevations with a budget proposal. At the introductory presentation the specific furnishing, colors, and other info is not settled yet, as the target that stage is to get the approval from the homeowner.

After the first proposal / presentation have been approved by the homeowner, the designer may start working. Many of the homeowners try to make corrections or changes in their agreed design after the design has already been approved, for making such change the homeowner should have separate meeting with the interior designer to complete the design. The next steps of the design will include a few drawings such as details, specifications, elevations and plans, and they are made with carefully drawn measurements and notes for the builders who perform the actual execution. Each stage of the interior design Bangkok is generally under the supervision of a chief designer to ensure that everything is done properly and the job is running smoothly to the finish.


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