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Some Common Lighting Techniques for your garden or backyard

Some Common Lighting Techniques that you must know to illuminate your garden or backyard:


Uplighting TreeOne common landscape lighting method is uplighting. To achieve an uplighting effect, a fixture such as a bullet or ground mounted well type light is projected upward to focus light on specific objects and plants in the landscape area. Objects that can benefit from uplighting include trees, arbors, gazebos, shrubs, and other plants that stand above the general landscaping plant.

For example, you can place a light behind a large shrub to highlight the branches for a dramatic illuminating effect. Put lights within groups of shrubs. Highlight ornamental grasses such as pampas or zebra grass.

Another great landscape lighting idea is to uplight your water fountains, ponds, and other water features by placing submergible lights in the water. Use colored lights to provide a unique accent to your water feature.

Use your imagination for any number of other ways you can use uplighting to illuminate your landscaping.


Downlighting TreeDownlighting is a lighting technique that can create several different lighting effects.

For example, placing light fixtures low on the trees creates a “spread lighting” or “path lighting” effect that is perfect for illuminating pedestrian paths and walkways. Lights that are placed higher in trees can be directed downwards to illuminate general landscape areas in a “moonlight” type of effect.

Another way to downlight your outside areas is to place a light on a post, wall, or ceiling to illuminate things such as flower bed borders, entry doors, handrails, fences, garage doors or driveways. Downlighting can also be used to provide general area lighting for safety and security.

These are just a few ideas you can use for downlighting. Use your creative imagination to think of other ways you can use downlighting in your landscape area.

Backlighting/Silhouette Lighting

Backlighting or silhouette lighting is a technique that utilizes wash light fixtures to illuminate a background such as a wall.

Light fixtures are placed between the wall and another object, which causes the object in front of the lighting to appear as a dark shape or silhouette. You can use backlighting to highlight architectural features such as Walls, trellises, columns, doorways, or arches. Place the light below the feature to flood it with light in the evening.

You can also Use lights at the base of columns, fence posts, corners buildings, gazebo, pergola or other landscape features.
Shadow Lighting

Shadow LightingShadow lighting, or shadowing, is an aptly named lighting technique that creates an eye-catching shadow effect.

This technique utilizes a bullet or a well light fixture in front of an object to cast a shadow of the object onto a wall or side of a building or other structure. Shadow lighting is often most effective when there is a large, open area behind the object you wish to light.

Placing the light closer to the object increases the throw of the shadow pattern; moving the light further back decreases the shadow’s throw.

Path Lighting

Path or walkway lighting adds a measure of aesthetic appeal and safety to your landscaping. The path lighting technique uses taller path or spread light fixtures to create pools of light along a walkway or in garden beds. An illuminated path highlights its immediate surroundings, like planters of flowers, decorative shrubs or trees.

Moon Lighting

Moonlighting is an attractive landscape lighting effect that can greatly enhance your landscape at night. To achieve the moonlighting effect, a light fixture is placed on a tree or shrub high above the ground, and then aimed down to simulate the light of the moon gently filtering through the branches.  With the use of mature trees, one can add this type of moonlight illumination from above to different areas of the landscape to great effect.


Spotlighting for LandscapeSpotlights are also an excellent type of landscape lighting technique that can greatly enhance the overall look of the outdoor area.

Landscape spotlights are often staked in the ground and are used for highlighting, spotlighting, shadowing and uplighting purposes. Use spotlights to throw light onto the house, a wall, or other prominence, as well as through the trees and other higher features in the garden. Place the light in a position that shines fully on the focal point and minimizes glare and wash-out effect.

You may want to try different colored filters with the spotlights, as they can make a big difference in the way that everything looks. Colors such as blue, yellow and red can go far in bringing out the natural color of plant foliage, hidden characteristics of wood in tree trunks, branches and limbs, and other things you want to highlight.

Flood lighting

Floodlights are similar to spotlights, but project a wider beam, which makes them perfect for projecting a broad, even spread of lighting across a wide area.

Exterior floodlights are commonly placed above garage doors, sheds, patios and entryways. Floodlights can be effectively used to light up a work or play area, or highlight a unique feature of your landscape or home.

Floodlights can also serve as security lights to increase the safety and security of your home. This can be done in a couple of ways: 1. By using motion sensors that turn them on when someone passes in front of the sensor.  2. By using an interior switch that can turn on the floodlights when needed.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Landscape lighting fixtures are available in many different shapes, colors, and finishes, perfect for just about any type of landscaping theme you may have. Here are some of the basic types of landscape lighting fixtures used for common lighting techniques:


Bullet lights are ground or surface mounted fixtures that are often in flower and shrub beds. They are easy to position and aim at selected objects, which makes them useful for lighting techniques such as uplighting, downlighting, backlighting, and shadowing.


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Achieving a perfectly painted interior of your home

Residential painting is actually types of painting services available in all parts of the home improvement industry. By hiring such service, a homeowner will get the chance to improve the design of his home both interior and exterior.

If you are not really talented to use the paint and the brush then it is a good idea to seek the services of a proven painting professional. Professional painters are spread all over the place so finding a residential painter is not really difficult at all.

Residential painting services are offered in most home improvement newspaper and magazines. You will also find them in the City Directory and yellow pages. Nevertheless, the right place to find an excellent painting service is on the internet.

It is true that remodeling your home into something stylish, elegant and comfortable is your job as the homeowner. Certainly, you want your house to have that best look on the inside because it is actually where you and the whole of your family stay every day. With residential Painters Beaconsfield , achieving a perfectly painted interior of your residence is an easy way.

When they paint the interior of your home they will certainly give protection to your furniture, floors and also carpet then they will caulk, sand, fill and prime surfaces when needed and then completely clean all carpentry job to be painted so the paint will deliver satisfying result to the home interior.

Usually, painting the ceiling and walls of a building is performed with water-based paint. Normally two coats are needed when significantly changing colors, but on previous surfaces, a single coat of same color will generally be sufficient as much as full protection is obtained.

Traditional Painting usually makes use of brushes and also rollers for ceiling and walls when spraying is not a solution. Usually spraying or back rolling can only be performed in a remodel home project, or even when furniture and carpet has been moved.

Even though painting the home interior is important, painting the home exterior is also really important since the exterior of your home is the critical thing that results in the first impression of the guest or people who visit your home.

Preparing a polished, elegant appearance for your home’s exterior is very important to maintaining its market value and can be a key factor when you decide to sell it. Residential painter can help you produce the ideal ‘curb appeal’ which can instill confidence in the potential buyers. And it provides you with the enjoyment of staying in an elegant home.
You can find specialty paints designed for custom looks to produce a touch of special elegance to your home.

First sensations of a new house are very important. Though you will discover numerous important factors needed for ensuring that a new home is almost everything the owner of the house needs and dreams of , it needs to be stated that the paint project is among the most crucial aspect ! Painting will bring warmth to cold spaces and aesthetic appearance to an ordinary room.

When a homeowner gives attention to their home the very first thing they notice is the finishes and paint used on surfaces interior or exterior of the house. Having trust to your residential painter and get the job done to your satisfaction is important. The professional painter will check your home for each detail of the painting task and when the project is complete, they will certainly provide you with a selection of the painting materials used together with an overall guide to maintenance of such products. They also give notice for the touch-up materials for those small bumps during moving day to the new home. People expect and dreams must not be taken lightly. That’s why as a homeowner you must always monitor the course of the painting project until you are completely satisfied.



Power up your home with Renewable Energy

You might be curious about what kind of electricity that you are using in your house. Particularly with the rising air pollution level and global warming, certainly you will be anxious about the impact on the environmental condition due to energy that you are using. Most recent research reveals that the environmental changes caused by polluted energy sources will cause more issues as the time passes.

You must consider available solution to produce a greener ecosystem by using alternative energy for your power needs. You can find various methods to overcome this issue. The first solution is to install renewable energy system in your house. This method includes using wind turbines, solar panels, and also geothermal pumps. Using these systems, you can take advantage of alternative energy sources such as the wind and the sun.

The second option that you may use green energy in your house is by opting to buy power from utility providers that generate their energy from eco-friendly sources or green sources. Especially in the US, most states have programs where you may choose your utility provider.

There are several types of alternative energy plants. Among the most popular types of alternative energy plants are the wind farms that can be found in the Midwest. Latest statistics reveal that there have been major increases in the total Megawatt output taken from the wind farms, which generate electrical energy by the transformation of the kinetic energy of the wind into the source of electricity.

As a homeowner, there are many things that you can take a route as an accountable and responsible citizen by consuming more sources of renewable energy. You can install such systems at your house or you can purchase green energy from utility providers at . This company also has many years of experiences in installing wind turbines and solar panels for residential and commercial use.